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New game from Chompgames – Word Hunt

Hi all,

I first apologise for the long break from blogging. Yes, the last quarter has been busy as an evangelist at Nokia. Recently out of my love for Flash, I re-skinned one of my old keypad games and published it to the Ovi Store. It’s currently available for Free – limited period.

Word Hunt is a keypad version of my own popular game, Happy Sun. Happy Sun made enormous amounts of downloads on the Ovi Store. The game is basically jumbling letters to make meaningful words. You can also request for clues.

Blackberry, Playbook, Flash, AIR….etc.,

I have been quite busy over the last 1 month that I couldn’t spare sometime on blogging. The reason can be attributed to a lot of things

1. Rapid innovations and new toolkits in the Flash platform.

2. The new Nokia Microsoft deal

3. Cricket World Cup  😉

There are a lot of good reasons to develop for the Playbook. One is that, all SWFs that run on the computer / web can be wrapped into an application seamlessly. And Playbook’s hardware and initial showcases have been impressive. The device seems solid. Blackberry has been encouraging developers to code for their platform and have been offering a free playbook upon a successful submission. Blackberry understands that apps in the marketplace are essential for the success of a platform. And to overtake Apple’s iPad, they need to have a launch with a marketplace ready with diversified content. One also has to remember that Playbook is equivalent to iPad 2’s hardware (has dual cameras) and is hence not behind in the race.

Anyways, so I created an app for the Playbook that can be used to watch TED videos. I used the TED RSS and it’s published for free. In future, I will be adding newer features to it. Previously, there were loose ends in the process of testing and signing the content for the Playbook. The toolchain has been improving and we are now seeing more blogs writing about it (one is this by Hemanth). Adobe will shortly be releasing a more streamlined process for development. Additionally, Blackberry was taking quite some time to give any response on the submission of apps. It took me 30+ days for the TED app to get approved. Now the approval times have been drastically reduced to nearly 1 week only. Since, my content has been approved I will be receiving a Playbook after its launch. I shall later attach screenshots of my app.

I must also say about 2 things that has not been highlighted adequately

1. There is a package of UI, media and other components that have been designed and developed by Adobe + Blackberry to suit the Playbook and  the QNX platform. It is better to use these components when targeting the playbook.

2. The community at Blackberry developer site is hyper brisk. I think there are people answering queries with sleepless nights ! You generally get answers in less than 20 mins time. I used these, when I had initial difficulty with signing and packaging and found them to be really useful.

With Nokia going into deals with Micrsoft, it means that Flash Lite’s future in diminishing. Symbian had good support for Flash Lite. But I do believe that Flash Lite is a good platform to target the millions of devices that are today in the market and more that will continue to ship over the next few years. My latest game on the Ovi store, HAPPY SUN has been doing very well. It is also being featured by the Ovi store. Being a Forum Nokia Champion and an avid Flash enthusiast, I hope that Flash soon makes its way into WP7.

I am also attending the Adobe Refresh Singapore event tomorrow. Really hoping to catch up with dev friends.

New Flash Lite game – Happy Sun

My latest Flash Lite game HAPPY SUN is out on the Ovi store. Its available for all touch phones including the S60 5th edition and Nokia S^3 phones. You can download it for free from the Ovi store. Here are some screenshots of the game … Its a very exciting word game and created after working closely with Mellisdesigns.

Forum Nokia Game Development Webinars…!!

Forum Nokia is arranging two webinars shortly on Game development.

Events are on Dec 8th and Dec 13th. Find the registration procedures at http://www.forum.nokia.com/News_and_events/.

Information as follows –

Developing Games for the Nokia N8 

If you are a Game developer and would like to learn more about the Nokia Games offering then session is for you. In this session developers will learn about developing their application on Nokia platforms such as S40 and Symbian while understanding which technology should be used for getting the application developed.

Optimize OpenGL ES 2.0 Apps for Symbian

This session is geared toward developers who already have their mobile game or application running with OpenGL ES 2.0 API on an existing platform and want to port it to the latest Nokia Symbian devices, such as the Nokia N8. After this session, developers will understand how the graphics hardware works within the new Symbian platform and will be able to fine tune their applications to get them up and running flawlessly.

My interview with Nokiadevs

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nokiadevs.com last week. You can now read it here.

In this post, I talk about my journey as a Flash Lite developer and developing on Nokia handsets. I also talk on my Flash Lite game Deep Days and some apps I created using Ovi AppWizard. Hope you like it.

N8, CS5, FL4 And Possibilities Around Them!!!!

The last few months have been very tight schedules for me and left quite a few announcements unrelayed. Nokia launched its first Symbian 3 phone N8. Boasting as the first 12 Megapixel camera embedded, multi-touch supporting device, I think it is one more step forward in bringing greater digital experiences to the hand.

Quite in the same time, Adobe launched CS5 toolkit. This release is viewed as an important leap-ahead in creating homogeneous multi-platform experiences. CS5 facilitates the publishing of Flash content in Flash Player 10.1 versions and in Flash Lite 4. This means AS3 is a viable programming platform for the smartphones. In addition, Device Central CS5 provides ways to emulate physical changes like orientation and provides API to access accelerometer, location etc.

The Nokia N8 is the first Nokia devices to be shipped with Flash Lite 4.0 (Read more). And hence, coming to look of it, Flash developers in the Nokia circuit have new waters to test, experiment and develop with.

Thoughts –

  • With all the buzz surrounding Flash Player 10.1 on devices, Adobe has not quite spoken on Flash Lite 4.
  • Since we haven’t seen much on Nokia N8, Flash Lite 4’s performance is still unknown on it.
  • Earlier S60 phones like 5800, N97 etc had troubles accessing the lower device features like Accelerometer and other sensors. Though external packages were available, they were not found to be stable.
  • Will AIR come (at any delayed point in time) for Symbian devices (though very much in the roadmap) ? Since Flash Lite 4 has been ported for the Symbian 3 device, an AIR runtime shouldn’t take a long time is my personal opinion.

Also, recently I have released a web-app for Bollywood news. Also featured are tweets from Bollywood superstars. Go ahead and download it from the Ovi store.

Adobe Presenting At NDC, Bangalore

As most of you would be knowing the Nokia Developer Conference 2009 is taking place this December 7, 2009 at Taj Residency, Bangalore. 
And what makes this special is that, Adobe would be presenting at the event and showcase some of their technologies.  Hence this becomes a great opportunity for anybody in the world of Flash Lite to interact with engineers at Adobe and Nokia, face to face.

If you are member of IndiMad ( Adobe Indian Mobile and Devices User group ), you get a 20 % off on the entry to the event.  In order to avail this offer, shoot a mail to Mariam – owner of igamestudio .

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