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New game from Chompgames – Word Hunt

Hi all,

I first apologise for the long break from blogging. Yes, the last quarter has been busy as an evangelist at Nokia. Recently out of my love for Flash, I re-skinned one of my old keypad games and published it to the Ovi Store. It’s currently available for Free – limited period.

Word Hunt is a keypad version of my own popular game, Happy Sun. Happy Sun made enormous amounts of downloads on the Ovi Store. The game is basically jumbling letters to make meaningful words. You can also request for clues.

Geolocation api in Flash Lite 4

Today, after a long time, I wrote an article on Geolocation services that available in Flash Lite 4 in the Forum Nokia Wiki.

You can read it  here.

Applying OMA DRM for Flash lite on Nokia

Alessandro has posted a new video tutorial on how to protect Flash Lite content that are packaged as SIS for Nokia Devices. Very informative !

10pm – New Flash Lite game

Breakdesign who have had a successful run of producing Flash games on the Ovi store, have now released 10pm.

Needless to say, this game is also Barking Seed enabled, meaning you can submit scores to the online community; play for your nation and other cool features. I had a talk with Stefan Wessels, the co-founder of Breakdesign, who said – ” The game is different when played between 10pm in the night and 6am in the morning.”

Sounds exciting, as I havent played time- polymorphic games before.

Adobe Announces Availability Of Flash Player 10.1 For Mobile & Devices To Its Platform Partners ……..!!

Via Adobe, yesterday Adobe announce the availability of Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile.

“Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the release of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 to mobile platform partners. Redesigned from the ground up with new performance and mobile specific features, Flash Player 10.1 is the first release that brings the full Web across desktops and devices. Mobile users will now be able to experience millions of sites with rich applications and content inside the browser including games, animations, rich Internet applications (RIAs), data presentations and visualizations, ecommerce, music, video, audio and more.

Already one of the top free apps on Android™ Market today, Flash Player 10.1 will be available as a final production release for smart phones and tablets once users are able to upgrade to Android 2.2 “Froyo.” Devices supporting “Froyo” and Flash Player 10.1 are expected to include the Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S and others. Flash Player 10.1 was also released to mobile platform partners to be supported on devices based on Android, BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows® Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS, and is expected to be made available via over-the-air downloads and to be pre-installed on smart phones, tablets and other devices in the coming months.”


N8, CS5, FL4 And Possibilities Around Them!!!!

The last few months have been very tight schedules for me and left quite a few announcements unrelayed. Nokia launched its first Symbian 3 phone N8. Boasting as the first 12 Megapixel camera embedded, multi-touch supporting device, I think it is one more step forward in bringing greater digital experiences to the hand.

Quite in the same time, Adobe launched CS5 toolkit. This release is viewed as an important leap-ahead in creating homogeneous multi-platform experiences. CS5 facilitates the publishing of Flash content in Flash Player 10.1 versions and in Flash Lite 4. This means AS3 is a viable programming platform for the smartphones. In addition, Device Central CS5 provides ways to emulate physical changes like orientation and provides API to access accelerometer, location etc.

The Nokia N8 is the first Nokia devices to be shipped with Flash Lite 4.0 (Read more). And hence, coming to look of it, Flash developers in the Nokia circuit have new waters to test, experiment and develop with.

Thoughts –

  • With all the buzz surrounding Flash Player 10.1 on devices, Adobe has not quite spoken on Flash Lite 4.
  • Since we haven’t seen much on Nokia N8, Flash Lite 4’s performance is still unknown on it.
  • Earlier S60 phones like 5800, N97 etc had troubles accessing the lower device features like Accelerometer and other sensors. Though external packages were available, they were not found to be stable.
  • Will AIR come (at any delayed point in time) for Symbian devices (though very much in the roadmap) ? Since Flash Lite 4 has been ported for the Symbian 3 device, an AIR runtime shouldn’t take a long time is my personal opinion.

Also, recently I have released a web-app for Bollywood news. Also featured are tweets from Bollywood superstars. Go ahead and download it from the Ovi store.

Forum Nokia Online Flash Lite Packager is back!

Here is a great news from Forum NokiaForum Nokia Online Flash Lite Packager. Check the document with all the information:

“This document provides developers with information on the Forum Nokia Online Flash Lite Packager. The reasons for the creation of the packager are explained and a full description of how to use the packager provided.”

Here is more infos about Nokia and Flash Mobile.

(Thanks to Alessandro)

New FN article on Touch based interaction

This is an article that I have always had in my mind. It is a tutorial on how to use and detect LongPress on touch based phones. In this article, I talk about the design issues, UI considerations and challenges associated with the longPress gesture.

A simple Flash Lite 2.0 code example has also been attached.

Adobe CS5 Launch Countdown

Adobe has started a countdown to CS5 launch.

Deep Days from Chompgames

Myself and a designer have been collaborating on a few Flash lite titles which are ready for launch on the Ovi Store. We call ourselves Chompgames. You can follow Chompgames or alternatively follow us in facebook through our fan page.

Deep Days would be the first title to be launched under Chompgames and is in the Q/A phase in Nokia’s Ovi store. Deep Days is a simple and entertaining game, where the user can glide to glory. Soon to come is the Deep Days’ wallpaper for your phone. Stay connected !

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