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This page is dedicated to the articles written by the authors of the site.

1. Creating a simple One-key game in Flash Lite

Created by – Manikantan. Level – Basic

Describes how easy it is to create a game like Heli- on Flash Lite 2.0 . Simple things are discussed in detail – like using Key Listeners, basic animation and collision detection.

2. Creating a Ticker component in Flash Lite

Created by – Manikantan. Level – Intermediate

Ticker is one of the widely used components in J2ME midlets and this tutorial illustrates how to create one such component in your favourite Flash. The instructions for the usage of this component are available, here.

3. Google Translator in Flash Lite

Created by – Manikantan. Level – Intermediate

One of my most recognized tutorials is the port of the Google Translation engine to the mobile space.

4. Basic Dynamics in Flash Lite

Created by – Manikantan. Level – Basic

Describes step-by-step the process involved in basic animation, moving shapes via code. Other details include stage wraps creation.

5. Optimised Collision detection in Flash Lite

Created by – Manikantan. Level – Basic

This articles follows the above write-up on Dynamics and deals extensively on how to detect and deal collisions in optimal way.

6. Tooltip component

Discussed the usage of a static Tooltip component for Flash Lite. It also elaborates on the public or open functions provided and other instructions.

7. Numeric stepper

The numeric stepper is one of the most ubiquitous UI components in modern UI design. The numeric stepper has a textfield(that contains a Numberic value) which can be incremented by fixed steps by the use of buttons. The numeric stepper must also provide for direct editing of the textfield’s value. This article i authored at Forum Nokia describes the usage of such a stepper, that I created.

8. Scrollpane component

The scrollpane component can be used as a container to hold external images, SWF and scroll through them. The scrollpane component can also hold movieclips(linkage from library) and provide for scrolling. This article also details on the usage of such an component.

9. Movieclip controller

The movieclip controller has an elaborate use case ranging from M-Learning to simple animation based applications. The MovieController component is used to control a SWF/Movie Clip being played in Flash Lite. The user can use this component to change the current position(seek) of an executing movieclip. By moving the tract in this component, the movieclip can be controlled. You can read more on this, here.  The component has high level of customization facilities, as you may observe.

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