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New FN article on Touch based interaction

This is an article that I have always had in my mind. It is a tutorial on how to use and detect LongPress on touch based phones. In this article, I talk about the design issues, UI considerations and challenges associated with the longPress gesture.

A simple Flash Lite 2.0 code example has also been attached.

Adobe Unveils First Full Flash Player For Mobile Devices And PCs

Today, Adobe Unveiled First Full Flash Player For Mobile Devices And PCs.  Close to 50 Open Screen Project Participants Support New Browser Runtime for Multiple Platforms.

Adobe unveiled Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 software for smartphones, smartbooks, netbooks, PCs and other Internet-connected devices, allowing content created using the Adobe Flash Platform to reach users wherever they are. A public developer beta of the browser-based runtime is expected to be available for Windows® Mobile, Palm® webOS and desktop operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux later this year. Public betas for Google® Android™ and Symbian® OS are expected to be available in early 2010. In addition, Adobe and RIM announced a joint collaboration to bring Flash Player to Blackberry® smartphones, and Google joined close to 50 other industry players in the Open Screen Project initiative.

Rest of the post here.

The New Avenues Opened By N97

This is a sequel to my previous post.

As a developer, N97 is of high importance.  It is the first phone that has both Touch and QWERTY keyboard from Nokia, like the Google’s Android. This opens new avenues for a developer and I am listing a few which struck me once I saw the device.

1. The screen has two orientations and the second landscape type opens great potential for arcade games or even fighter games. Think of the golden games ten years back.  Those games can now be adapted to the mobile space.  I would not be surprised if Mortal Kombat 4 arrives to the N97. You have a full QWERTY to game with.

2. The gaming D- pad on the left of the screen is once again a beautiful control for gamers.   Quite similar to the games on PSP. So, may be PSP’s primitive games can be ported. But you must consider that PSP is a class apart on its own.

3. You have widgets on the main home screen.  A new WRT home screen is what they call with pride. Now widgets to be accommodated on the home screen can be designed. One such widget already built inside the N97 is the Accuweather widget.

4. Ovi comes pre-installed on this. So, N97 users can be easily reached.

5. For Flash developers, since the N97 is a S60 5th edition device, the Platform services API can be used be build more powerful and versatile apps.

6. Phones like these would have the ideal key control and UX for a game like FIFA or even NFS Most Wanted.  You can control directions with one hand and control keys for the other.

From a game developer perspective I feel like, this device opens up infinite opportunities for us.

Touch The Future. Or Lose It!

Via  Mark ,

In 2008 Samsung, LG and a few others shipped 20 million Windows Mobile devices around the world.  80% of these had touch screens instead of standard keypads, and so for development ongoing it’s looking less important to handle devices with keypads. Saying that, the majority of the installed base of Windows Mobile users from 2006/2007 are still happily using their QWERTY devices like the Samsung BlackJack.  So the net of the story is, the future is touch enabled.

Google’s Andriod is also a touch enabled phone. Apple’s iPhone, needless to mention, is the most succesful touch phone engineered till date. Nokia is also racing in this movement of making the World, touch based.  The most awaited Nokia’s N97 handlheld computer( as I call it ) is both touch and QWERTY provisioned. We also hear this magnum opus will be out very soon – June is what I hear.  So, as developers we need to move ahead and start touching others lives.

Flash developers, remember, that you already have touch sensing capabilites.

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