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Forum Nokia Game Development Webinars…!!

Forum Nokia is arranging two webinars shortly on Game development.

Events are on Dec 8th and Dec 13th. Find the registration procedures at http://www.forum.nokia.com/News_and_events/.

Information as follows –

Developing Games for the Nokia N8 

If you are a Game developer and would like to learn more about the Nokia Games offering then session is for you. In this session developers will learn about developing their application on Nokia platforms such as S40 and Symbian while understanding which technology should be used for getting the application developed.

Optimize OpenGL ES 2.0 Apps for Symbian

This session is geared toward developers who already have their mobile game or application running with OpenGL ES 2.0 API on an existing platform and want to port it to the latest Nokia Symbian devices, such as the Nokia N8. After this session, developers will understand how the graphics hardware works within the new Symbian platform and will be able to fine tune their applications to get them up and running flawlessly.

Applying OMA DRM for Flash lite on Nokia

Alessandro has posted a new video tutorial on how to protect Flash Lite content that are packaged as SIS for Nokia Devices. Very informative !

Nokia’s roadmap document

Yesterday Forum Nokia released it’s roadmap document on its prospective work in 2010. This document is important to all developers who are aiming to make impression in the Nokia landscape of mobile devices. Insights in the document include –

1. The different Nokia platforms today – S60, Series 40 and the Maemo ( moving to Meego ).

2. Market share of different OS in mobile phones today ; Symbian continues to hold nearly 45% of the space.

3. Introduction to the Meego platform. And many more..

Quoted from the document – ” Series 40 supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1;Symbian also offers Java ME, Flash Lite 3.1 and Microsoft Silverlight; Maemo offers support for Adobe Flash 9.4. We also expect to move to full Adobe Flash support on Symbian. Series 40 supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1;Symbian also offers Java ME, Flash Lite 3.1 and Microsoft Silverlight; Maemo offers support for Adobe Flash9.4. We also expect to move to full Adobe Flash supporton Symbian.

It is really nice to note that Nokia is considering Flash to be an uncompromisable platform in its future for delivering rich content to its users; despite huge speculation about HTML5’s entry and how it can affect Flash’s market share.

Now, Nokia HealthRadar Chasing Disease Down Thru Flashlite…….

Nokia  has designed an application in Flashlite for the tracking of disease using mobile devices here.


  1.  Important feature of the software’s ability is data collection. Rapid and precise collection of information, which is then sent instantly to a central server, speeds up what is currently a time-consuming paper-based activity.
  2. Actual aggregation of the data which helps to build a picture of what’s happening and where.
  3. Getting the information back to local practitioners, as it then enables them to take appropriate action. What marks HealthRadar out further is the ability to consume the data either on a mobile device or a PC, so the gathered data is useful to people in the field and those based in medical centres.

The software also features a Dashboard which enables users to quickly access key information including a daily update, a GeoHealth Map which highlights disease intensity alongside local health centres, the ability to compare current patterns against historic ones and statistical graphs.

Register Now: Ovi Maps API Webinar

fn_general_newsletter_banneNokia’s Ovi is opening up to developers, starting with Ovi Maps. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to embed powerful maps functionality in your websites using the brand-new, easy-to-use API called Maps Player API.  Maps Player makes it simple to integrate rich Ovi Maps functionality into your website, turning it into a personalised, contextual, and compelling experience. During this webinar, Nokia will introduce the API, demonstrate the simple steps to embed Ovi Maps into your websites, and show you examples created by other developers. It will be held on September 16, 2009 by 10 am Barcelona, 11 am in Helsinki and 9 pm in Bangkok. For this webinar, you can register here.

Connecting To PandoraBots From Flash Lite

Yesterday, I authored an article at Forum Nokia, as to how to connect from Flash Lite to the wonderful Pandorabots. In case you are not aware of Pandorabots, PandoraBots is a software robot (also known as a bot) hosting service. From any browser, you may create and publish your own robots to anyone via the web.  Interested in knowing more ?

You can read more from my article at Forum Nokia:


The article delineates the following titles

  • An introduction to Pandorabots
  • A sample conversation between a human and a bot
  • Source code to connect to one such AI bot
  • and other related samples and references.

Another Chance To Win A N97 From Forum Nokia

Forum Nokia is hosting another competition this month of September. It’s a Review Wiki Article Contest (September 1 – September 30 2009) where the users rate, review and comment on Wiki articles, in an aim to bring out the best articles in the developer Wiki homepage.

Details of the competition are below

You can win a N97 multimedia device by giving your approval to one or more Wiki articles you juged to be accurate, reliable and well written. The purpose of this competition is to provide additional feedback pointing out high quality articles that are tested by the community. With this information, non-members and new developers will be able to trust the code examples and articles with the designated Reviewers Approved Thumbs Up. If in doubt, they may read the comments that explain why they were reviewer approved.

Read the rules and quickly get started on your way to earn a grand N97.

Good Luck !

Nokia World ’09 Announced…………..

Good news for all mobile developers. The biggest developer event in the Nokia circuits has been announced and this time it has big names on the speakers list.   The venue is going to be the heart of Europe, Stuttgart.

CEO’s of Nokia and CEO of Facebook are the highlighted speakers who will be joined by many distinguished people at this event.

You can get a glimpse of the showdown here.  Excited?  Want to be a part of it ?  Then register yourself here.

How To Protect Flash Lite Content With OMA DRM 1.0 When Content Is Packaged Into A Symbian Installer .sis


Alessandro Pace has written an article on How to protect Flash Lite content with OMA DRM 1.0 when content is packaged into a Symbian installer .sis here in Forum Nokia.

Webinar Publishing to Ovi: Reach Millions of Nokia Users


There will be couple of  webinars from Forum Nokia today on

Publishing to Ovi: Reach Millions of Nokia Users

9′ th April For EMEA/Asia session: 6 a.m. San Francisco, 9 a.m. New York, 4 p.m. Helsinki, 9 p.m. Beijing,you can register here»

For Americas Session: 11 a.m. San Francisco, 2 p.m. New York, you can register here»

Courtesy: Alessandro Pace

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