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KuneriLite Now Has Flash Lite Animated Ringtones To Your Nokia S60 Phone!!

Thanks to Kunerilite, Flash Lite animated ring tones is in the air!!

The folks at KuneriLite released the latest version of KuneriLite which include this feature. You can now use KuneriLite ringtone plugin to set a Flash Lite animation as a ringtone.

First KuneriLite Video Advert

Watch my friend and fellow flashlite developer Ugur’s, first KuneriLite video advert. It’s quite unique piece of art, done in MS Paint ;).

I am sure you will like it and find interesting. One thing is for sure, I cannot work on MS Paint, rather I can do effortlessly either in Adobe flash or even Photoshop.

Kudos to Ugur!!

Good Luck


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