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AS3 Chrome Extension

Most of us being Actionscript 3 or Flex developers, very often require quick access to adobe documentation. After CS4, the docs don’t come along with the IDE. Although some of the reference can be obtained from intellisense and code hinting, very often I am in real need for complete docs. Today I was suggested by my friend about AS3.0 Chrome Extension. It caches all as3 classes the first time (first time alone it performs index retrieval and takes two or three seconds), and after that you get search suggestions of the classes you type in no time. It is very handy and I would recommend it to all AS3/ Flex devs.

Install it from Chrome Store.

Geolocation api in Flash Lite 4

Today, after a long time, I wrote an article on Geolocation services that available in Flash Lite 4 in the Forum Nokia Wiki.

You can read it  here.

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