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Now, Nokia HealthRadar Chasing Disease Down Thru Flashlite…….

Nokia  has designed an application in Flashlite for the tracking of disease using mobile devices here.


  1.  Important feature of the software’s ability is data collection. Rapid and precise collection of information, which is then sent instantly to a central server, speeds up what is currently a time-consuming paper-based activity.
  2. Actual aggregation of the data which helps to build a picture of what’s happening and where.
  3. Getting the information back to local practitioners, as it then enables them to take appropriate action. What marks HealthRadar out further is the ability to consume the data either on a mobile device or a PC, so the gathered data is useful to people in the field and those based in medical centres.

The software also features a Dashboard which enables users to quickly access key information including a daily update, a GeoHealth Map which highlights disease intensity alongside local health centres, the ability to compare current patterns against historic ones and statistical graphs.

FlashLite Training By Adobe Systems Through MOMO Bangalore.

Adobe+momobDebashish Paul, from the Mobile & Devices Engineering team of Adobe Systems Bangalore in India, will demonstrate how easy is to create Flashlite application and deploy on mobile devices.  This will be a practical session, where the audience can follow the presenter on their laptop and eventually would have Flashlite application ready for use. Participants who are interested to follow the session hands-0n should download the trial version of the Adobe Flash Creative Suite 4 after registering yourself at the link here from Adobe website.


  • How to create, publish, test and deploy a simple flash lite application on to mobile device. This will be a practical session
  • Creating a real-life app will bring out the latent power of Adobe Flashlite, it will touch upon the general concepts along with design and development approach
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Speaker Details :

Debashish Paul, works for the Mobile & Devices Engineering team of Adobe Systems Bangalore in India as Lead Software Engineer

When : 10th-oct-2009

Time : 10:30 to 12:30 Tea/Coffee/light snacks break in between the workshop

Venue : Craig Barret Auditorium, Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, # 139/25, Domlur Inner Ring Road, Bangalore – 71, Karnataka, India

Driving Directions :

  • When driving down from Koramangala–> Take the left into the lane in front of Hyundai Workshop –>just after Mother Earth –>and then the first left, second right –> leads up to Sasken venue.
  • When driving from Indiranagar –> Old Airport road flyover side –> Drive past EGL offices on the left –> stay on the ring road –> Take the U Turn and come back towards Hyundai Workshop –> then take the left into the lane in front of Hyundai Workshop –> just after Mother Earth – and then the first left, second right –> leads up to Sasken Venue

Parking:  Ample parking space is available in the grounds next to the Sasken building.

You can also check the venue in google map given below.

COST: Free – but registration is required to attend. You can register here for the event here.  

My take:  Hope this event in namma BengaLooru builds up new cream of core developers and designers in Adobe Flashlite and I came to know that attendee list for today has already grown up in good numbers from @Mariam.  

Krishna Raj


Flash Player 10 On Android !!

Yesterday, the news was confirmed by Adobe’s CEO, that Flash Player 10 would be ported to Android platform and a Beta version of the player would be available by the end of October. Excerpts from the news release :

“We are bringing Flash Player 10 to smartphone class devices to enable the latest web browsing experience. Multiple partners have already received early version of this release and we expect to release a beta version for developers at our Max conference in October. Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the new Palm Web OS will be the first devices to support web browsing with the new Flash player…”

Read more,here.

This is interesting news and there are lot of people coveting to get Flash player running on their handsets. But there are few queries to address few queries like – will PaperVision3D kind of libraries be possible to use, considering the limited computing capacity of the device. Flash Player renders extensive support to 3D and lot of Game engines have been scripted in AS3. We will have to wait till the official release is made to know more on this.

Also known is the fact that porting of Flash Player to iPhone is also in progress <Read>. And quite soon, Flash player can claim to be truely ubiquitous platform running across PCs, handsets and consumer electronics.

Adobe Now Plans To Merge Both PC And Mobile Biz Ops

Adobe today announced that it’s planning to merge its mobile and platform operations as it “moves toward an integrated technology platform and runtime environment for personal computers, mobile handsets and consumer devices in a single window treatment,” an adobe news release said. Adobe plans to expand its presence in the mobile industry fast is street smart. The Adobe flash’s animation capabilities and video enhancements has been a huge success on the Web – present on nearly all Internet-connected computers and a big part of the Web video boom. But Adobe more or less successful in the mobile business – mostly in Japan. And also Microsoft is increasingly pushing its SilverLight plugin as a competitor to Flash both on computers and mobile phones.”

“As the proliferation of digital content continues to accelerate, customers worldwide are looking to Adobe for a platform that enables the creation of rich, engaging experiences across a variety of media and devices,” says company CEO Shantanu Narayen. “Key to delivering a well-integrated technology platform is engineering our desktop and device technologies more closely together.

I was just going through this kind of identical post, I saw this comment post by Maureen O’Gara below,

Rumor has it that in the next few weeks Adobe is going to “reorganize” its Mobile and Device business unit where its Jobs-criticized Flash Lite lives and send the engineers to go work with the larger platform effort and Flash proper, which Jobs has also criticized.

Presumably, Adobe is going to do what it takes to appease Jobs. It does want to be on the iPhone and needs Apple’s help.

My take: But after the deluge, when this kind of rumors get exposed and the bigwigs embarrassed by it. Time, money and pressure magically appear. Geez, isn’t that always what seems to happen?

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