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Where Are The Device Central Updates ?

It has been quite a long time since Adobe Device Central got device info update. Today, unable to find few targets devices on my Device Central CS3, I went to the Adobe site and was sad to see the last Device update released for

CS3 – was on 18th June 2009 (Update 9); and

CS4 – was on 25th June 2009 ( Update 4).

Over the past seven months easily 20 + devices with Flash Lite have been rolled out by Nokia alone and easily 50+ Flash Lite devices would have been shipped.  It would be really nice if there was an update released or if someone tells me if I am missing some means to update my device library.

Adobe Device Central – Device Update #5

CS3 Device Profile Update #5 is now available for download on the Adobe Device Central Online Website. This update was released on February 16 2008, and features the new Flash Lite devices profiles from around the world. This update also features the first Flash Lite 3.0 devices available in the market.

However before downloading Update #4, you must first download and install the Flashᆴ Lite” 3 Update for Device Central CS3 and for Flash CS3 Professional (2 different updates).

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