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New webminar on Video apps

Via Alessandro,

There will be an interesting webminar form Forum Nokia: Developing Video Applications for Symbian Devices, WRT+Flash Lite

“Join Robert Burdick of Forum Nokia and Kirk Ballou of Flash Widgets LLC for a session on building video applications for Symbian devices. The webinar’s topics will include using QtMultimedia for Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8 mobile computer, as well as Web Runtime (WRT) and Flash Lite technology for S60 5th Edition devices.”



New app for WolframAlpha

Chompgames have launched a new application for Nokia touch devices, based on the fast growing computational knowledge engine – Wolfram Alpha. If you are not aware of Wolfram Alpha. It’s a engine that scans the web and creates knowledge based on it. I wrote this app on Nokia’s WRT platform using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Hope you like it..

Code of Partnership

Well, not many know about Code of Partnership happening in India, and at my hometown Chennai.

Code of Partnership is another congregation / workshop organised by Forum Nokia to leverage and motivate the developer base in WRT platform. It is a One day event hosted at Chennai and the list of speakers include  Mr. Prakash Sayini – Forum Nokia India Head, Mr. Sunil Rao, Developer Relations Manager, Forum Nokia and my very friend from Bangalore Mr. Balagopal who works as a Technology expert at Nokia.

I think the main motive of this event is to evangelize developers to the WRT platform, but wonder why the registration has been made Invite-only. You can read more, here.  And as it appears from the site, Forum Nokia developer Conference 2009 is on its way.

The sad part, all these events happen only when I am not in town or not available. 😦

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