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Who’s Aboard?

Krishna Raj has worked over a decade in the world of the User Interfaces and basically he is a Adobe Flash based industrial Animator/Medical Art Illustrator .

A multi-disciplinary, user experience, design specialist focused on users, customers, usability, design,communication, relationship, and business value. Combined a broad background of creative, business and real world experience working with working with a very broad and cross functional teams for long time. Built consensus around principals of user-centered design, quality processes and quality assurance, business process improvement, and professionalism.

I am very much passionate about design aesthetics and usability effecting varied multi-screen devices. In addition to core domain activities of usability engineering and UX project responsibilities, played an important role in creation of Re-usable platforms for responsive functional design, rapid product design, prototyping for multi-form factors and mobility. Having lengthy history in all facets of offshore based design and animation development here, I am associated with reputed cutting edge e-Learning technologies based skill sets in various capacities and very recently and currently too working with content development management in US healthcare domain i.e., ICD-10.

His interests include exploring and developing interfaces that shape behavior and habits and that enhance the quality of everyday life.

Being this blog’s principal, he is planning to add some more topical blogging issues which are dear to his heart. Likewise, his plan has no limits in the topics. Rantings, news, comments on news, photos, rumors, anything might come.  This blog is an attempt to keep track of the many personal projects he initiates, but mostly he’ll never finish, and an outlet for his personal views and opinions on most things Experience Design related and ofcourse Flash platform issues.   He indeed has plans to invite a few  more as co-authors to this blog.  You can mail him if you want to join this blog. Hence enjoy this experiment.  All are welcome to add comments/criticisms to any of his posts.  But spams are “BIG NO NO”.

If you wish to seek his comprehensive professional profile, please do mail him to the below mentioned email address , he shall respond back to you very shortly.

Oh, feel free to contact him at krshnaraj [‘AT’] googlemail [‘DOT’] com with no space. He will try to answer very Flash platform queries, but no guarantees.  And please don’t send him your source code to debug or any design issues, unless it’s taped to some cash. 🙂


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