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“Thank You” Forum Nokia

In recognition and as a reward to the Flash Lite works of mine with which I had been pursuing over the last two years, Forum Nokia has awarded me the title of “FORUM NOKIA CHAMPION”

FN_ChampionI wish to thank Forum Nokia, Adobe in recognizing Flashactions and tens of people like Krishna Raj from flashactions; Pankaj ( and co-authors) at Croozeus.com and all my developer friends online. You have all been instrumental in this feat.

Manikantan. K

A Resource For Mashups !

With so many Mashups coming up daily and being largely motivated by the revenues attractive mashups make, I am sure that there are lots in the developer circuit who are waiting for a right API to build their Mashup on. To all such people out there, here is a wonderful URL, programmableweb, that has aggregated most popular APIs that are available online.

There are APIs defined by category, like Music, Office, Blogging, Payment, Photos, Travel, Utility and many more. Most APIs here are based on REST architecture( nearly 60%), followed by SOAP.

Want to know about the hard-hitting Mashups ? Programmableweb’s another feature is showcasing the popular Mashups, as you can see here. As of today, most Mashups are based on Mapping, Video, Travel and also microblogging.

For Flash enthusiasts, here are a set of APIs from Programmableweb.

So, get started and build your mashup today.

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