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Happy Sun on Nokia E7

Most of you would be knowing about the latest vocabulary game on the Ovi store – Happy Sun. I last week got my hands on the brand new Nokia E7, the business phone. Here is a photo of Happy Sun running on both Nokia N8 and E7.




New Flash Lite game – Happy Sun

My latest Flash Lite game HAPPY SUN is out on the Ovi store. Its available for all touch phones including the S60 5th edition and Nokia S^3 phones. You can download it for free from the Ovi store. Here are some screenshots of the game … Its a very exciting word game and created after working closely with Mellisdesigns.

New webminar on Video apps

Via Alessandro,

There will be an interesting webminar form Forum Nokia: Developing Video Applications for Symbian Devices, WRT+Flash Lite

“Join Robert Burdick of Forum Nokia and Kirk Ballou of Flash Widgets LLC for a session on building video applications for Symbian devices. The webinar’s topics will include using QtMultimedia for Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8 mobile computer, as well as Web Runtime (WRT) and Flash Lite technology for S60 5th Edition devices.”



Applying OMA DRM for Flash lite on Nokia

Alessandro has posted a new video tutorial on how to protect Flash Lite content that are packaged as SIS for Nokia Devices. Very informative !

My interview with Nokiadevs

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nokiadevs.com last week. You can now read it here.

In this post, I talk about my journey as a Flash Lite developer and developing on Nokia handsets. I also talk on my Flash Lite game Deep Days and some apps I created using Ovi AppWizard. Hope you like it.

Deep Days Out On Ovi

Deep Days from Chompgames is now out on the Ovi Store as a free Flash game.  Currently, the game is released in NFL format targeting the S40 phones. You can download the game from the Ovi Store here.

Deep Days from Chompgames

Myself and a designer have been collaborating on a few Flash lite titles which are ready for launch on the Ovi Store. We call ourselves Chompgames. You can follow Chompgames or alternatively follow us in facebook through our fan page.

Deep Days would be the first title to be launched under Chompgames and is in the Q/A phase in Nokia’s Ovi store. Deep Days is a simple and entertaining game, where the user can glide to glory. Soon to come is the Deep Days’ wallpaper for your phone. Stay connected !

Nokia’s roadmap document

Yesterday Forum Nokia released it’s roadmap document on its prospective work in 2010. This document is important to all developers who are aiming to make impression in the Nokia landscape of mobile devices. Insights in the document include –

1. The different Nokia platforms today – S60, Series 40 and the Maemo ( moving to Meego ).

2. Market share of different OS in mobile phones today ; Symbian continues to hold nearly 45% of the space.

3. Introduction to the Meego platform. And many more..

Quoted from the document – ” Series 40 supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1;Symbian also offers Java ME, Flash Lite 3.1 and Microsoft Silverlight; Maemo offers support for Adobe Flash 9.4. We also expect to move to full Adobe Flash support on Symbian. Series 40 supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1;Symbian also offers Java ME, Flash Lite 3.1 and Microsoft Silverlight; Maemo offers support for Adobe Flash9.4. We also expect to move to full Adobe Flash supporton Symbian.

It is really nice to note that Nokia is considering Flash to be an uncompromisable platform in its future for delivering rich content to its users; despite huge speculation about HTML5’s entry and how it can affect Flash’s market share.

Where Are The Device Central Updates ?

It has been quite a long time since Adobe Device Central got device info update. Today, unable to find few targets devices on my Device Central CS3, I went to the Adobe site and was sad to see the last Device update released for

CS3 – was on 18th June 2009 (Update 9); and

CS4 – was on 25th June 2009 ( Update 4).

Over the past seven months easily 20 + devices with Flash Lite have been rolled out by Nokia alone and easily 50+ Flash Lite devices would have been shipped.  It would be really nice if there was an update released or if someone tells me if I am missing some means to update my device library.

Blessed New Year 4 ya ‘ll!!!

On behalf of the Flashactions team (myself and Krishna), we wish all readers a happy, healthy and prosperous year of 2010. May Flash on the iPhone, Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR for mobiles and forthcoming versions of Flash Lite shower opportunities and money to its developer base in this year. May Flash development become easier via Adobe CS5 Suite.

May there be peace in the world !

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