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Security Analysis Of Flash Applications..!!

While my primary involvement at Adobe happens to be around the ActionScript language, I also have some background in security, and recently I have been thinking about channeling some of that into designing and implementing tools for secure programming in ActionScript. ActionScript programs are compiled to run as Flash applications (on the web) or as AIR applications (on the personal computer / mobile device); as such, they are run on platforms with security models, and their security on those platforms is controlled by various security mechanisms, both at the language-level as well as at the platform-level. (More here.(Adobe blogs)….>)

New webminar on Video apps

Via Alessandro,

There will be an interesting webminar form Forum Nokia: Developing Video Applications for Symbian Devices, WRT+Flash Lite

“Join Robert Burdick of Forum Nokia and Kirk Ballou of Flash Widgets LLC for a session on building video applications for Symbian devices. The webinar’s topics will include using QtMultimedia for Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8 mobile computer, as well as Web Runtime (WRT) and Flash Lite technology for S60 5th Edition devices.”



Flash Builder Burrito – My first app

This was one of the exciting announcements made today at Adobe Max. It has been known for quite sometime that Adobe has been working on optimizing Flex Framework for mobile development. Flash Builder Burrito does exactly that. You can code mobile application (as of now – in the context of Google Android devices) and publish them as AIR apps. Excited about this, I started to write a simple data-centric RSS feed reader application.

Flash Builder Burrito is a separate SDK that you need to download from Adobe Labs, and is currently in Preview.

Here are two screens (or views in this frameworks’ terms). One gives the list of all headlines from CNN World news and the other is a detailed description of that news item. You would have figured it out from the images 😛

What I like about this:

  • You strongly feel that you are designing in a mobile context. And as I said, for the Android phones. You can listen to events such as press of MENU and BACK buttons.
  • You can include transitions between views.
  • The action bar (that is the top pane of the application) is customizable. You can add icons/buttons to them.
  • Quick integration with data services. I have always believed projects written in Flex/Flash Builders are handy when dealing with data-driven applications. Connecting to webservices is as simple as they are in Flex (for the desktop).


Obviously, from the above images, you’ll observe the img HTML tags. Yes, I am figuring out a way to display RichText inside Spark TextArea. Also, being a aesthetically challenged programmer, I haven’t thought even a single second to skin my app or its components and hence apologize for the UX. I am still in the process of skinning this application and shall soon test/deploy it on a compatible Android device ( I done have one; If any of you have pls comment below, I shall send it to you, for your comments and feedback) after completion. But I must say, I finished this whole RSS reader application within half an hour (inclusive of reading basic Burrito docs). So, I call super-fast application development environment.

My interview with Nokiadevs

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nokiadevs.com last week. You can now read it here.

In this post, I talk about my journey as a Flash Lite developer and developing on Nokia handsets. I also talk on my Flash Lite game Deep Days and some apps I created using Ovi AppWizard. Hope you like it.

Adobe Announces Availability Of Flash Player 10.1 For Mobile & Devices To Its Platform Partners ……..!!

Via Adobe, yesterday Adobe announce the availability of Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile.

“Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the release of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 to mobile platform partners. Redesigned from the ground up with new performance and mobile specific features, Flash Player 10.1 is the first release that brings the full Web across desktops and devices. Mobile users will now be able to experience millions of sites with rich applications and content inside the browser including games, animations, rich Internet applications (RIAs), data presentations and visualizations, ecommerce, music, video, audio and more.

Already one of the top free apps on Android™ Market today, Flash Player 10.1 will be available as a final production release for smart phones and tablets once users are able to upgrade to Android 2.2 “Froyo.” Devices supporting “Froyo” and Flash Player 10.1 are expected to include the Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S and others. Flash Player 10.1 was also released to mobile platform partners to be supported on devices based on Android, BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows® Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS, and is expected to be made available via over-the-air downloads and to be pre-installed on smart phones, tablets and other devices in the coming months.”


Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 – Call for Proposals

Via Hemanth, Adobe is looking for ” Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 – Call for Proposals “

Do you want to speak at the Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 India? Do submit your proposals today for review! Hurry as the deadlines are near. Last date is 28th of this month. Visit http://www.developermarch.com/adobesummit/callforproposal.htmlto submit your relevant proposal for the event. Drop mails to us or me in case you have doubts or concerns. Submit it for either of the tracks below –

  • Develop – this track will find immediate resonance with Web Application, Desktop Application and Mobile Application developers from the world of ActionScript, Flex, Flash, ColdFusion, Java, PHP and .NET, including Game Developers. Architects creating multi-tiered enterprise systems that go beyond basic RIAs will also benefit from this track.
  • Design – this track will feature content for Application UI Designers, Interaction Designers as well as designers who currently specialize in web or video and want to expand their skills. If your goal is to create interactive content, applications or video for the browser, desktop, or devices using Adobe technologies then this is the track for you.


Addendum from krishna Raj:

This Adobe Flash Platform Summit is willbe held on the 24-25 August 2010 at the NIMHANS Convention Center in namma bengaLooru this year and I have planned to attend and looking forward to it!

This event which was earlier called the ‘Dev Summit‘, is touted to be biggest Adobe Flash Platform Summit in terms of topics for both developers and designers for wide range of  Web App, Desktop Apps and Mobile Apps.

The event will surely offer the best opportunities to learn from experts, meet and network with lots of designers and developer folks from across the sub-continent and interact with the Adobe team and their partners across both the days of the event.

Organizers are accepting speaker proposals right now, so if you have a topic of interest or proposal, you can submit it, and if its gets approved you can be a part of the speaker list at the event. Looks like 25th June is the last day for submitting  proposals!

There are also some good deals on the registration fee for the event, so the sooner you apply on or before 25th June , the better it will be!

Hope to meet you all at the event :)



Now available for download..

Adobe CS5 Launch Countdown

Adobe has started a countdown to CS5 launch.

CS5 Launching On April 12’th

Yes, it official now. Adobe CS5 suite would be launched on April 12’th.  CS5 from what we hear is going to be a huge leap ahead with respect to Flash on handsets.  From what we get –

* CS5 would be able to compile Flash Lite SWF to iPhone’s native format.

* CS5 includes additional toolkits in the Device Central to emulate Location, acceleromters, multi – touch..

And of course, there are lots to come and expect 🙂

Quite a buzz is happening around this launch, at this URL.

Adobe Whitepaper – Rich Internet applications Across Devices: The Emergence Of Contextual Applications

 “At Adobe, we believe that this is a pivotal time in the history of software development. Cloud-based computing has combined with increased user expectations for interactivity and engaging experiences leading to the rise of rich Internet application (RIA) development. The creation of social networks and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings is enabling applications to grow at unprecedented rates by leveraging existing user networks.  The expanding number and diversity of Internet-connected devices has opened up additional software development platforms for developers and enabled them to create entirely new user interaction models and business opportunities. Together, these three technology trends are converging to deliver major innovations that will have lasting effects on the way web applications are built, delivered, and used.”

Where Are The Device Central Updates ?

It has been quite a long time since Adobe Device Central got device info update. Today, unable to find few targets devices on my Device Central CS3, I went to the Adobe site and was sad to see the last Device update released for

CS3 – was on 18th June 2009 (Update 9); and

CS4 – was on 25th June 2009 ( Update 4).

Over the past seven months easily 20 + devices with Flash Lite have been rolled out by Nokia alone and easily 50+ Flash Lite devices would have been shipped.  It would be really nice if there was an update released or if someone tells me if I am missing some means to update my device library.

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