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HCI Hyderabad Chapter, January Meet up

After travelling since Feb 1st morning, I came here yesterday evening. I did lose one important project related to video presentation for IT investors meet in Belgaum, Government of karnataka being held during last week of this month. The client has not informed me yet, that means I have lost one project after having held close to my heart after many weeks. So now back here in Hyderabad. NO REGRETS either.Oops, I did forgot to update about the HCI Hyderabad Chapter (I did join them recently) January Meet up was organized at CA office, Hitech city Madhapura, Hyderbad. The meeting started at 6:30 PM. The meeting was attended by professionals from various organizations including CA, Satyam, Innominds Software, Nuevora, Kern Communications, ThinkDesign, Semantic Space etc.Afshan Kirmani, Usability Analyst from Kern Communications presented on “Quantifying Usability Analysis”. She talked on how quantitative analysis is employed as part of heuristic evaluation, preceded by an introductory note by Raman Saxena, UCD Architect, CA.Members also discussed on activities that can be taken by HCI-Hyderabad in this year. Many ideas and suggestions were put forward by the participants and many volunteers came forward to take up various activities/responsibilities.

There I did get to talk with Raman, Victoria(both from CA, hyderabad). Atul and I had a pep talk over my HR related problem. Finally I did spoke to Rama Brahmam Aleti from Thinkdesign.in. We discussed our design related queries.

Finally meeting was concluded by informal chat over snacks. I saw participants interacting and exchanging ideas and discussing their interests and approaches.

Thanks to Raman and Victoria for hosting this January Meet up of HCI Hyderabad Chapter at CA.

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