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Adobe & Microsoft’s Non-Profit Charity Pricing: Go Get It!

I got this post from David Szpunar while cruising web.
Post starts here — I often get asked by other churches, often smaller ones, for recommendations on where to buy software or hardware (but primarily software). Usually they want to purchase some Microsoft software, sometimes Adobe products as well. Both companies sell popular software that costs, well, an arm and a leg at retail! The good thing is that they offer huge discounts to churches and non-profit organizations that can prove their status with a §501(c)(3) recognition letter from the IRS. There are companies out there that can beat this charity pricing, the most well-known being TechSoup. However, although TechSoup carries a variety of hardware and software, they often have terms and requirements stating that only non-religious non-profits may not take advantage of their offers! I don’t like this practice but I can’t change it. (The terms vary per vendor so you have to read the fine print.) In addition, TechSoup usually has very specific limits on the quantities you may purchase at their pricing in a certain time period. Further post here.

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