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Adobe Now Plans To Merge Both PC And Mobile Biz Ops

Adobe today announced that it’s planning to merge its mobile and platform operations as it “moves toward an integrated technology platform and runtime environment for personal computers, mobile handsets and consumer devices in a single window treatment,” an adobe news release said. Adobe plans to expand its presence in the mobile industry fast is street smart. The Adobe flash’s animation capabilities and video enhancements has been a huge success on the Web – present on nearly all Internet-connected computers and a big part of the Web video boom. But Adobe more or less successful in the mobile business – mostly in Japan. And also Microsoft is increasingly pushing its SilverLight plugin as a competitor to Flash both on computers and mobile phones.”

“As the proliferation of digital content continues to accelerate, customers worldwide are looking to Adobe for a platform that enables the creation of rich, engaging experiences across a variety of media and devices,” says company CEO Shantanu Narayen. “Key to delivering a well-integrated technology platform is engineering our desktop and device technologies more closely together.

I was just going through this kind of identical post, I saw this comment post by Maureen O’Gara below,

Rumor has it that in the next few weeks Adobe is going to “reorganize” its Mobile and Device business unit where its Jobs-criticized Flash Lite lives and send the engineers to go work with the larger platform effort and Flash proper, which Jobs has also criticized.

Presumably, Adobe is going to do what it takes to appease Jobs. It does want to be on the iPhone and needs Apple’s help.

My take: But after the deluge, when this kind of rumors get exposed and the bigwigs embarrassed by it. Time, money and pressure magically appear. Geez, isn’t that always what seems to happen?

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