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Book Release: The Essential Guide To Open Source Flash Development

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

I am very happy top announce that the Opens Source Flash community has finally decided to put together a book. I know many people find it difficult to learn from examples, tutorials, etc, online. This book will definitely come in handy for rookies and pros alike.

The authors of, “The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development”, include heavy weights such as Chris Allen, John Grden, and Andy Zupko, all of which are first time authors. I guess the three of them now join the prestigious group of authors here such as Keith Peters, Todd Anderson, etc…


  • Explore the world of open source Flash and discover which tools are available.
  • Learn how to identify which tool you need and how to best fit it into your workflow.
  • Step-by-step walk-throughs guide you through development with the most popular open source Flash tools.
  • Written by the project leads and open source Flash aficionados.

Summary of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introducing the World of Open Source Flash
  • Chapter 2 Exploring Open Source Flash: What’s Available
  • Chapter 3 Preparing an Open Source Workflow
  • Chapter 4 Using an Open Source Workflow
  • Chapter 5 Testing and Debugging
  • Chapter 6 Deploying Your Application
  • Chapter 7 Using AMFPHP
  • Chapter 8 Working with SWX: The Native Data Format for the Flash Platform
  • Chapter 9 Using haXe
  • Chapter 10 Fuse and GoASAP: Open Source Animation Tools
  • Chapter 11 Using Papervision3D
  • Chapter 12 Introducing Red5
  • Chapter 13 Building Some Red5 Apps

Buy here as an Ebook. You can also view and download sample chapter

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