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NTUGuide – My new app on wp7 marketplace

I know this is not the best place, considering the blog’s title itself claims to be “Flash”.  I don’t wish to get into this debate of Flash Vs Silverlight or Flash Vs HTML5. I am a programmer and I see technologies as tools. The more tools I can effectively use, the more stronger I become. As a part of my role at Nokia as an evangelist, I have been doing some programming for Windows Phone.

I recently created an application for my Alma Mater called the NTU Guide, along with one of my friends. The application helps you to find places, food and other amenities within the Nanyang Technological University Campus in Singapore. It is a FREE app, and would like if you try it and give some feedback.

Adobe Now Plans To Merge Both PC And Mobile Biz Ops

Adobe today announced that it’s planning to merge its mobile and platform operations as it “moves toward an integrated technology platform and runtime environment for personal computers, mobile handsets and consumer devices in a single window treatment,” an adobe news release said. Adobe plans to expand its presence in the mobile industry fast is street smart. The Adobe flash’s animation capabilities and video enhancements has been a huge success on the Web – present on nearly all Internet-connected computers and a big part of the Web video boom. But Adobe more or less successful in the mobile business – mostly in Japan. And also Microsoft is increasingly pushing its SilverLight plugin as a competitor to Flash both on computers and mobile phones.”

“As the proliferation of digital content continues to accelerate, customers worldwide are looking to Adobe for a platform that enables the creation of rich, engaging experiences across a variety of media and devices,” says company CEO Shantanu Narayen. “Key to delivering a well-integrated technology platform is engineering our desktop and device technologies more closely together.

I was just going through this kind of identical post, I saw this comment post by Maureen O’Gara below,

Rumor has it that in the next few weeks Adobe is going to “reorganize” its Mobile and Device business unit where its Jobs-criticized Flash Lite lives and send the engineers to go work with the larger platform effort and Flash proper, which Jobs has also criticized.

Presumably, Adobe is going to do what it takes to appease Jobs. It does want to be on the iPhone and needs Apple’s help.

My take: But after the deluge, when this kind of rumors get exposed and the bigwigs embarrassed by it. Time, money and pressure magically appear. Geez, isn’t that always what seems to happen?

Microsoft’s License of Adobe Flash Lite For Mobile Devices is Good for Consumers Says Dan Rayburn

Yesterday morning, Adobe (ADBE) announced that Microsoft (MSFT) had licensed Adobe’s Flash Lite software so that Flash based content will be able to be viewed within Internet Explorer on future versions of Microsoft Windows mobile phones. (more…)

At last, Flashlite comes to Windows Mobile Devices!!!

Adobe have announced a licencing agreement that will see both Flash Lite 3.x and above and the Adobe Reader LE software available on Windows Mobiles; the former, to be released as a plugin for Internet Explorer Mobile, will allow streaming media sites such as YouTube and alike to be viewed on the hand held devices.  The latter will make PDF format files – whether received as email attachments or as online content – viewable.  All new official Windows Mobile OEM licensees will have access to the new plugins.

“People want vibrant web experiences and access to entertainment and information anywhere, anytime.  Bringing Flash Lite and Reader LE to the Windows Mobile experience will give consumers more of their favorite websites on the go” John O’Rourke, General Manager in charge of  Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft.

The move comes shortly after Microsoft’s own Silverlight streaming media platform was licenced to Symbian for use in S60, S40 and UIQ powered-devices.  However Windows Mobile version of Silverlight is yet to see the light of the day.

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