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!!!!BOOM!!!! The Apple-Adobe War Escalates………

“Using Flash to Build iPhone Apps Banned” means I am sad about this development….

Yesterday, Apple revised its iPhone Developer Program License Agreement to effectively ban the use of the Flash-to-iPhone converter.

Throughout 2010, Steve Jobs and Apple made it very clear that they do not like Adobe. At all. They prominently left Flash off the iPad, instead promoting HTML5 at every opportunity.

Rest of the post is here. Thanks to them


ADC’s Article On Developing For The Apple iPhone Using Flash (CS5)

Via Scott Janousek’s Blog.

Adobe‘s new article covering very early information about publishing Flash content out to native iPhone.

You can find it over on Adobe Developer Connection: Developing for the Apple iPhone using Flash. It has all the public links to available information on this project from Adobe: Apps for iPhone.

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