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NTUGuide – My new app on wp7 marketplace

I know this is not the best place, considering the blog’s title itself claims to be “Flash”.  I don’t wish to get into this debate of Flash Vs Silverlight or Flash Vs HTML5. I am a programmer and I see technologies as tools. The more tools I can effectively use, the more stronger I become. As a part of my role at Nokia as an evangelist, I have been doing some programming for Windows Phone.

I recently created an application for my Alma Mater called the NTU Guide, along with one of my friends. The application helps you to find places, food and other amenities within the Nanyang Technological University Campus in Singapore. It is a FREE app, and would like if you try it and give some feedback.

New Flash Lite game – Happy Sun

My latest Flash Lite game HAPPY SUN is out on the Ovi store. Its available for all touch phones including the S60 5th edition and Nokia S^3 phones. You can download it for free from the Ovi store. Here are some screenshots of the game … Its a very exciting word game and created after working closely with Mellisdesigns.

New webminar on Video apps

Via Alessandro,

There will be an interesting webminar form Forum Nokia: Developing Video Applications for Symbian Devices, WRT+Flash Lite

“Join Robert Burdick of Forum Nokia and Kirk Ballou of Flash Widgets LLC for a session on building video applications for Symbian devices. The webinar’s topics will include using QtMultimedia for Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8 mobile computer, as well as Web Runtime (WRT) and Flash Lite technology for S60 5th Edition devices.”



New app for WolframAlpha

Chompgames have launched a new application for Nokia touch devices, based on the fast growing computational knowledge engine – Wolfram Alpha. If you are not aware of Wolfram Alpha. It’s a engine that scans the web and creates knowledge based on it. I wrote this app on Nokia’s WRT platform using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Hope you like it..

Nokia’s roadmap document

Yesterday Forum Nokia released it’s roadmap document on its prospective work in 2010. This document is important to all developers who are aiming to make impression in the Nokia landscape of mobile devices. Insights in the document include –

1. The different Nokia platforms today – S60, Series 40 and the Maemo ( moving to Meego ).

2. Market share of different OS in mobile phones today ; Symbian continues to hold nearly 45% of the space.

3. Introduction to the Meego platform. And many more..

Quoted from the document – ” Series 40 supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1;Symbian also offers Java ME, Flash Lite 3.1 and Microsoft Silverlight; Maemo offers support for Adobe Flash 9.4. We also expect to move to full Adobe Flash support on Symbian. Series 40 supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1;Symbian also offers Java ME, Flash Lite 3.1 and Microsoft Silverlight; Maemo offers support for Adobe Flash9.4. We also expect to move to full Adobe Flash supporton Symbian.

It is really nice to note that Nokia is considering Flash to be an uncompromisable platform in its future for delivering rich content to its users; despite huge speculation about HTML5’s entry and how it can affect Flash’s market share.

Now, Nokia HealthRadar Chasing Disease Down Thru Flashlite…….

Nokia  has designed an application in Flashlite for the tracking of disease using mobile devices here.


  1.  Important feature of the software’s ability is data collection. Rapid and precise collection of information, which is then sent instantly to a central server, speeds up what is currently a time-consuming paper-based activity.
  2. Actual aggregation of the data which helps to build a picture of what’s happening and where.
  3. Getting the information back to local practitioners, as it then enables them to take appropriate action. What marks HealthRadar out further is the ability to consume the data either on a mobile device or a PC, so the gathered data is useful to people in the field and those based in medical centres.

The software also features a Dashboard which enables users to quickly access key information including a daily update, a GeoHealth Map which highlights disease intensity alongside local health centres, the ability to compare current patterns against historic ones and statistical graphs.

New Flash Lite components

In the last two months, I authored several Flash Lite UI components at Forum Nokia site.  Some of the components I wrote are

The MovieController component is used to control a SWF/Movie Clip being played in Flash Lite. The user can use this component to change the current position(seek) of an executing movieclip. By moving the tract in this component, the movieclip can be controlled.

The MovieController component is used to control a SWF/Movie Clip being played in Flash Lite. The user can use this component to change the current position(seek) of an executing movieclip. By moving the tract in this component, the movieclip can be controlled.

The numeric stepper is one of the most ubiquitous UI components in modern UI design. The numeric stepper has a textfield(that contains a Numberic value) which can be incremented by fixed steps by the use of buttons. The numeric stepper must also provide for direct editing of the textfield’s value.

The scrollpane component can be used as a container to hold external images, SWF and scroll through them. The scrollpane component can also hold movieclips(linkage from library) and provide for scrolling.

You may also notice that several such articles and tutorials have been aggregated in the tutorials now page of Flashactions.

To read other Flash Lite UI components, you may refer to this site.

Adobe Device Central CS4 Device Profile Update #5 Now Available Online….

image courtesy: www.flashdevices.net

Mark Doherty has written blogpost here on Device Profile Update 5 for Device Central CS4 which is now available for download. This latest device update for Device Central CS4 contains 36 new and some updated profiles bringing the total number of supported devices to 738. 

Here’s an overview of the new profiles:

  • DoCoMo Fujitsu F-08A
  • DoCoMo Fujitsu F-09A
  • DoCoMo NEC N-07A
  • DoCoMo NEC N-08A
  • DoCoMo NEC N-09A
  • DoCoMo Panasonic P-08A
  • DoCoMo Panasonic P-09A
  • DoCoMo Panasonic P-10A
  • DoCoMo Sharp SH-05A
  • DoCoMo Sharp SH-06A
  • DoCoMo Sharp SH-07A
  • HTC Hero for testing flash in the browser
  • KDDI Hitachi HIY01
  • KDDI Kyocera KYX02
  • KDDI Sharp SH002
  • KDDI Toshiba TS002
  • KDDI Toshiba TSY01
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Flash Lite 3.1
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia N86 8MP
  • Nokia N97
  • Samsung I8910 HD
  • SoftBank NEC 930N
  • SoftBank Panasonic 931P
  • SoftBank Samsung 931SC
  • SoftBank Sharp 934SH
  • SoftBank Sharp 935SH
  • SoftBank Sharp DM004SH
  • SoftBank Toshiba 832T
  • Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart
  • Sony Ericsson C901a GreenHeart
  • Sony Ericsson T707
  • Sony Ericsson T707a
  • Sony Ericsson W518a

 All new device profiles would be available through the Online Device Library in Adobe Device Central CS4.  You can check the complete set of devices here.

Register Now: Ovi Maps API Webinar

fn_general_newsletter_banneNokia’s Ovi is opening up to developers, starting with Ovi Maps. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to embed powerful maps functionality in your websites using the brand-new, easy-to-use API called Maps Player API.  Maps Player makes it simple to integrate rich Ovi Maps functionality into your website, turning it into a personalised, contextual, and compelling experience. During this webinar, Nokia will introduce the API, demonstrate the simple steps to embed Ovi Maps into your websites, and show you examples created by other developers. It will be held on September 16, 2009 by 10 am Barcelona, 11 am in Helsinki and 9 pm in Bangkok. For this webinar, you can register here.

Connecting To PandoraBots From Flash Lite

Yesterday, I authored an article at Forum Nokia, as to how to connect from Flash Lite to the wonderful Pandorabots. In case you are not aware of Pandorabots, PandoraBots is a software robot (also known as a bot) hosting service. From any browser, you may create and publish your own robots to anyone via the web.  Interested in knowing more ?

You can read more from my article at Forum Nokia:


The article delineates the following titles

  • An introduction to Pandorabots
  • A sample conversation between a human and a bot
  • Source code to connect to one such AI bot
  • and other related samples and references.

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