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So after using the Playbook for nearly one month, I thought I shall list down some interesting apps and games built in AIR that caught my eye.

GeeReader and Pipeline

Both these RSS readers have Google Reader synch options which is very important to me. Similarly I know most of you would also be using Google Reader for managing the several blogs you would follow everyday. Both these apps are free. GeeReader comes with the conventional blog reader UI, but Pipeline has little more electrifying UI though the Google Reader synch option is only valid for 14 days in the Free version. Pipeline also offers offline reading of feeds which is very important.


Easily the best UI of any party / family boardgame scorekeeping application. The app focuses on tiny-mini aspects that scorekeeping becomes such a pleasure. You should watch this video ..


This is a task management software built on Adobe AIR. This same app is also available on Android marketplace and I saw it being demo’ed by one of the Adobe Evangelists. It comes with a very smooth and sleek UI. Having a task manager with a great UI is very important, when you admire the UI you tend to open the app more frequently and you hence get to check your To-Dos.

Await for another post on my fav games very soon..


Comments on: "My favorite AIR apps for Playbook" (2)

  1. Mark Fuqua said:

    Very nice app. it is obvious you spent a lot of time designing the UI and thinking about the end user. I have a couple questions:

    1, How long did you work on the app?
    2. What was your level of Flex and Flex for mobile experience prior to doing this project
    3. Would you consider releasing the source? It seems like a great learning tool….

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Manikantan said:

      Hi Mark,

      These are not my apps. These are apps that I use on my playbook and love on the appworld.

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