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This was one of the exciting announcements made today at Adobe Max. It has been known for quite sometime that Adobe has been working on optimizing Flex Framework for mobile development. Flash Builder Burrito does exactly that. You can code mobile application (as of now – in the context of Google Android devices) and publish them as AIR apps. Excited about this, I started to write a simple data-centric RSS feed reader application.

Flash Builder Burrito is a separate SDK that you need to download from Adobe Labs, and is currently in Preview.

Here are two screens (or views in this frameworks’ terms). One gives the list of all headlines from CNN World news and the other is a detailed description of that news item. You would have figured it out from the images šŸ˜›

What I like about this:

  • You strongly feel that you are designing in a mobile context. And as I said, for the Android phones. You can listen to events such as press of MENU and BACK buttons.
  • You can include transitions between views.
  • The action bar (that is the top pane of the application) isĀ customizable. You can add icons/buttons to them.
  • Quick integration with data services. I have always believed projects written in Flex/Flash Builders are handy when dealing with data-driven applications. Connecting to webservices is as simple as they are in Flex (for the desktop).


Obviously, from the above images, you’ll observe the img HTML tags. Yes, I am figuring out a way to display RichText inside Spark TextArea. Also, being a aesthetically challenged programmer, I haven’t thought even a single second to skin my app or its components and hence apologize for the UX. I am still in the process of skinning this application and shall soon test/deploy it on a compatible Android device ( I done have one; If any of you have pls comment below, I shall send it to you, for your comments and feedback) after completion. But I must say, I finished this whole RSS reader application within half an hour (inclusive of reading basic Burrito docs). So, I call super-fast application development environment.


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  1. hello,

    I am currently working on software for student attendance. I use the flex /
    flash and php to create the software but I faced a problem barcode scanner,
    can not connect to the application to call the data from the database when
    students scan the barcode printed on their student card.

    Can you help me to make the script so that it can run on flex / flash and
    php. it makes me crazy for a week to seek a way out …. please help me: (


    ps : i’m using flex/Flash CS 5

  2. Hi
    I created an Android application with Flash Builder Burrito that reads feeds form italian newspapers and it runs very good.
    I exported the APK file and when I try to install it to Android emulator, it says ā€œApplication not installedā€.
    I also tried to install the application over htc desire hd (android 2.2) and I get the same errorā€¦
    Air 2.5 is installed on both ( emulator and device )
    same application created with Flash CS5 and Air for Android gets no errors during installation.

    Did you meet my same problem ? Any suggestion to solve it please ?

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