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Flash is one of the most engaging, innovative, and versatile technologies available—Flash CS5 boasts a host of new features. Through the use of solid and practical exercises, you will soon master the fundamentals of this latest edition of the Adobe Flash authoring tool. In Foundation Flash CS5 for Designers, Flash experts Tom Green and Tiago Dias guide you step-by-step through all facets of Flash CS5, keeping the emphasis firmly on good design techniques that you use in your own projects.

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What you’ll learn:
Learn Flash design from the ground up, or just get to grips with the new features, with a series of step-by-step tutorials.
Provides an easy introduction to ActionScript 3.0 coding, but the focus is mainly kept on design.
Learn from the experts—written by renowned Flash designers Tom Green and Tiago Dias.
Learn how to create mobile applications


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