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Hello all,

This is an off-topic blogpost which is very very close to my heart, yes its about animal welfare.  I have been saving  and protecting from poachers, taking care of many birds including sparrows, falcon, snakes, dogs, cats and many small animals, and of course lots of cattle heads from slaughtering with fellow minded folks since last decade where I was farming (It was my first profession before I started working on Adobe Flash, yeah way back it was version 4, now working on Flash CS3 and CS4 simultaneously) in outskirts of  Mysore, India.  Even now in my home in Hyderabad, I do have coupla bird nests hooked to my spiral staircase to my roof tops and my electrical meter reader box.  Yes :P.

Very recently, I found very interesting animal welfare organization in Vishakapatnam aka Vizag namely Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals.  VSPCA is a sanctuary for cows, dogs, cats, turtles, horses, buffalo, many kinds of birds and other small animals. They work mainly in the city of Visahapatnam and its surroundings areas, as well as a growing number of districts in Andhra Pradesh. The number of animals that they rescue, treat and advise others about is increasing each year – So please help them financially or in any kind you feel good to continue to help these animals.


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