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Via BAMaDUG and Biskero:

The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an eSeminar on Thursday 17th December at 12 PM EST (check your time).

Speaker for this eSeminar is Max Antinori and topic is “The Open Screen Project: A Fundee Speaks”.

Max Antinori will talk about his experience being funded by the Open Screen Project to develop components for his Species Explorer project.

Max will cover some of the details of the application process, his specific experiences as a fundee, a brief overview of the components developed for OSP, and answer questions from seminar attendees who are considering applying to the OSP. Max’s company, Max Media, has been developing Flash-based interactives for the educational market since 1999. His clients include the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Boston Museum of Science, the Shedd Aquarium, Denver Museum of Natural History, Boston Children’s Museum, Harvard Center for Astrophysics, and many more.

Topic: “The Open Screen Project: A Fundee Speaks”

When: Friday 17th December at 12 PM EST eSeminar: http://adobechats.adobe.acrobat.com/speciesexplorer/

Please enter your name when prompt on the day of the eSeminar.  BAMaDUG will be giving away with a raffle an Adobe software package of $2100 value. You MUST be a registered User Group member to qualify. Please join the Boston Adobe Mobile and Device User Group to participate to the eSeminar and be part of the User Group. When you apply tell BAMaDUG something about yourself, including your name, location, and how you are using Flash on Mobile and Devices.


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