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New Game Design Contests

Via Forum Nokia post, I came to know about the MoMinis mobile game contest. Of course, IMGA is also open and accepting submissions 🙂


Getting back to MoMinis, the game rules are  listed here and requires you to use the Mo’ Minis studio tool for game engineering.

Whereas, at the prestigious IMGA contest, you can build your game on / for any mobile platform like java or Flash Lite or anything deployable into a phone.  And remember that IMGA is analogous to Holy grail 🙂 The biggest game development competition and hopefully I have my game ready by then.


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  1. Great post.

    you might be interested to learn about our two major development projects:

    Get 2 Mobile – During the contest (in one month’s time) we’ll release the feature we have all been anxious to get. From then on every developer will be able to get the game in development directly to the handset, test it, feel it and loooove it =)

    New Studio Version – The new version will offer new features that will improve the game experience and quality.

    Among the features:
    Better sound support for more complex sound formats.

    Persistent data storage allowing you to save the state of the game between different plays.

    A set of powerful Profiles & Analysis Tools, which will provide you with a clear indication of your game’s compatibility level!

    It’s an exciting time for us at Mo’Minis and we would love to see you take part in fun.

    Feel free to contact me directly for more information or comments.


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