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The actionscript Conference

Well, here is another event that has been much anticipated in the Flash developer’s circuits. The Actionscript Conference would be held in Singapore on the 14th and 15th of September.

The Actionscript Conference 2009

As you can see, it is a two day event marked by speakers from all over the world and an impressive schedule. The platinum sponsors of this mega- event include Adobe, FDT, iDA Singapore and many more flash related companies.

What is so special about this event is – its a congregation of all the people somehow related to Adobe Flash. There are talks on Flex, Papervision 3D, AIR, Flash mobile, multi – touch.  There is also recruitment BOF, by which recruiting firms can showcase the talent set they are looking for and the attendees , if interested, can approach them.

Attractive right ? Go here to register . Special offers for students exist.

Here is the list of speakers who will grace the occasion with their experience in this platform.

Areas of prime focus would be :

Advanced Flash Player capabilities
Flash Catalyst
Adobe Collaboration Services
Programming Actionscript 3.0
Adobe AIR
Flex 3 and Flex 4 Framework
Creating Mashup with Flash, Flex
Development Methodology
Development Tips and Tricks – Empower and Speed up your Flash development!
Rich Internet Applications
Flash Javascript Integration
Flash Videos
Blaze DS
Integration of Flash, Flex with server-side technologies
Component Designs

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