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Code of Partnership

Well, not many know about Code of Partnership happening in India, and at my hometown Chennai.

Code of Partnership is another congregation / workshop organised by Forum Nokia to leverage and motivate the developer base in WRT platform. It is a One day event hosted at Chennai and the list of speakers include  Mr. Prakash Sayini – Forum Nokia India Head, Mr. Sunil Rao, Developer Relations Manager, Forum Nokia and my very friend from Bangalore Mr. Balagopal who works as a Technology expert at Nokia.

I think the main motive of this event is to evangelize developers to the WRT platform, but wonder why the registration has been made Invite-only. You can read more, here.  And as it appears from the site, Forum Nokia developer Conference 2009 is on its way.

The sad part, all these events happen only when I am not in town or not available. 😦


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