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Here are a few noteworthy statistics that can help you in decision making. Very soon Flash will be present in iPhone and more Android devices will host Flash Player 10. So, if you are wondering what your target device should be, who the audience would be and how much you can earn form the application, then go through this presentation made by Scott.

It covers topics involving the Apple iPhone 3.0 and the Android 1.5 overviews along with the major highlight – Statistics of the different platforms and how they are performing.The presentation also holds key information on the app stores of each platform and what they offer to the developer including the initial and running costs.

Excerpts on sales stats from the presentation –

  • the iPhone apps are the most cooking ones and iPhone developers are reaching a pool of 15M customers worldwide.
  • Symbian continues to be the enjoying the richest customer base with approx 50M devices worldwide. Its appstore – Ovi has only recently been launched but has been making brisk sales.

Now estimating how much a flash developer’s reach would be in the next few years ? You have the symbian’s 50M + iPhone’s 30M and this population is bound to skyrocket too šŸ™‚

Remember, Nokia dominates the smartphone category with a share of approx 40%.


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