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Lets all put our hands together for the N97, Nokia’s most expected product marched its way into the markets yesterday.  The N97 is what I would call a – ‘Handheld Computer’. If you felt the the E71 or the N95 or the 5800 was, you are probably mistaken. Nokia is pushing the limits of Smartphone engineering.

We were amazed and dazzled at the 8 GB memory in the N95, but this gizmo offers 32 GB of internal memory. Reviewers say its a lot more quicker than its predecessors and boasts of a 50 MB free RAM after booting. And for gamers, you have a D-pad at the left. The disadvantages noted include a not-so comfy keyboard and the lack of TV out.

Want to catch up, with the first reviews of the device ? AAS has already done it, here.

Below is an interesting video, showcasing the N97.


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