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My First Touch!

So, I got my Nokia 5800 last week and began exploring it. I must say that I haven’t tried much with it, yet I like it. There is a massive fusion of art and engineering involved in such a Smartphone’s creation and I feel they have got the mix and blend more than accurately.

There are lot of people complaining on its battery life. But I found a link suggesting how to improve the same. Like reduce the Screen brightness, reduce light -out time duration to something like 20 -30 secs. Disabling WLAN searching and bluetooth scanning and most important deactivate Dual Mode. The 5800 can scan for 3G networks and the regular GSM networks. If you want to reduce battery consumption, you need to deactivate this setting and select GSM. I got a solid 2 days of battery despite clicking around 30 -40 images, 10 mins of GPRS/EDGE, around half hour of calling and more than 100 SMS transactions.

One has to feel for the loaded games in them. They are just not occupying you. But I must say, video clarity is too good. The screen is big  -3.2″ long and once you plug in the headset, you are in a PERSONAL THEATRE. 🙂

Where I feel Nokia could have done better is the desktop customization. You have limited options. There is something missing in it. And of course, few more apps could have been pre-installed. There is no Internet Radio on this. There is FaceBook on it, mind you !

I need not comment on the Camera, a wonderful 3.2 MP Carl Zeiss lens with a bright Flash. Just outstanding. I must say, it is certainly worth its price and moreover, for Nokia its a bright step forward into the Touch Arena. It has certainly made huge sales in India, over 3 million devices sold and is steadily competing with the iPhone.

And most importantly, it appears in the latest Batman movie.


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