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From Dale Rankine

Thursday, 02 October 2008

Today Dale Rankine‘s Moket released SWF2NFL to the Flash Lite community, giving content creators the ability to easily package their Flash Lite content in the NFL file format – files that can be distributed to Nokia’s S40 5th Edition devices.

SWF2NFL is an Adobe AIR application that takes individual content assets, an application icon and associated application name and version number, and compiles the required files together into the NFL file format, ready for distribution to devices.

The NFL (Nokia Flash Lite) file format was announced by Nokia in September, as a mechanism for Flash Lite content to appear on S40 devices as installed applications, including icons in the Gallery menu, and improve the user experience for launching standalone Flash Lute applications on these devices.

S40 represents an enormous segment of Nokia’s overall market, catering to mid-level business users and the younger consumer markets. Reaching this market with Flash Lite applications, on top of the existing support for wallpapers and screensavers, creates new opportunities for developers.

Moket is already in the process for delivering game catalogues to operators in various parts of the world, using the NFL file format. Through releasing the tool freely to the Flash Lite community, it’s hoped that Moket will increase it’s engagement with the developer community through the Moket Content Network service, and bring more NFL-ready content to market.

Download Manual

You can download the user manual for SWF2NFL here ( PDF) for information on how to use the tool.

For more information and to download the tool, visit www.moket.com/swf2nfl

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