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Archive for September 18, 2008

Now, Nokia Releases Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) Package Format For S40 Devices

Yesterday, Forum Nokia released a document outlining the procedure to create .NFL format for distribution of Flash Lite content. This format will be supported by Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 or newer devices.

The advantages of this packaging format include –

  • Allowing launch of a swf file directly using it’s own icon (overriding the default Flash icon), from the Gallery.
  • Allow localization of the application name in the Gallery instead of the file name.
  • Allowing DRM protection.

The creation of the .NFL format is really simple (similar to WRT Widget packaging) with the requirement only being the inclusion of a couple of mandatory files (including .swf) in the NFL package.

I downloaded the NFL spec from the Forum Nokia site and read through it.  All of the information is included in the 7 page PDF and is very easy to follow given they included sample code and it’s well written.  Over all –  pretty cool.

Bill Perry has shown the detailed post here.


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