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Archive for August 29, 2008

Sony Ericsson: Flash Lite 2.0 Developers’ Guidelines Optimization updates

International Mobile phone major Sony Ericsson published an update to the Flash Lite 2.0 Developers’ Guidelines.

The optimization guidelines appendix presents advice, screenshots and code snippets in the following sections:

  • Memory management
  • Image rendering optimization
  • Transparency
  • Optimizing animations
  • Placing objects on the screen
  • ActionScript and some common pitfalls
  • Working with symbols
  • Working with text
  • Limitations with regard to the display area
  • Keeping content clean and tight
  • Other optimization tips

Sony Ericsson Project Caphucin getting started tutorial

Sony Ericsson published the first getting started tutorial for Project Caphucin which outlines how the Project Capuchin API can be used as a bridge between Java™ ME Platform and Adobe® Flash Lite™. This tutorial contains four example applications, with implementation instructions, screenshots and code, to try:

ActionScript for clock hands rotation.

ActionScript for clock hands rotation.

  • packaging Flash Lite in a MIDlet – Clock example
  • data transfer mechanisms – HelloWorld example
  • Flash animation as a UI presenting data from a Java service layer – Tasklist example
  • Flash UI communication with Java both via data requests and handling events – StepCounter example

You’ll also find an architecture overview, FAQ section and appendix presenting how to set up a Java ME environment for Project Capuchin using new Project Capuchin Basic APIs.

More information:

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